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EOS Careers is thrilled to announce our, #MOMSWHOWORK Initiative!

Ladies, this is a big deal.  Becoming a Mom should not be career suicide. 

However, for so many women it is.  If you are lucky enough to have built a career and to also have a family, congratulations!  You are truly doing it all and then some.  If you walked away from your career temporarily to spend time with your family, you should NOT have to start at the bottom again.  There is a better way.

My goal with this program is to focus on Moms, and to help as many mothers as I possibly can break back into the workforce, or to help achieve their current career path.  I hope they can all find work that not only suits their skills, but also allows them to adequately provide for their families in the process.  


***So much more to come!  Stay tuned!***