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About Us


EOS Career Consulting is a boutique career coaching and consulting agency based in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Although EOS is based in East Tennessee, we actually work with career professionals all over the United States.  We  are privately owned and operated, and take pride in our ability to personalize each interaction with our clients to help them achieve their career goals.

"As the founder of EOS, my goal is to help my clients increase their incomes and achieve new heights both professionally and personally." -Carla Jallo, Founder  

At EOS, we have developed a unique formula and combination of methods to help people propel themselves forward professionally.

Our clients range from the early stages of their careers to executive level professionals, and we have found that through strategic implementation of the methods Carla has created, we have been able to swiftly  help people move the needle in their careers. 

At EOS, we specialize in resume optimization, career strategy, and interview coaching. We consider ourselves to be teachers and your best friend and advocate while you are on the job market. Consider EOS to be your personal marketing company!

Our approach is highly personalized, and we will help you map out the best path to your dream career. 

Your Resume

It is a fact that a successful  job search begins with a STRONG resume.  We have the know-how and formula required to optimize your resume.  Our goal is to showcase your most marketable skills.  We also strive to format your resume using specific key-words to get it past Applicant Tracking Systems. Applicant Tracking Systems are used by 80% of employers to screen and filter out candidates that do not meet the requirements for each posted position.  Our goal is to move your resume to the top of the stack!


Is there a field you are looking to break into, but are not quite sure how to get your foot in the door?  Are you continually looked over for promotions and raise opportunities?  Well, we are on a mission to help you achieve all you dream of in terms of your career.  We truly believe that with the right formula for success it is possible for ANYONE to become incredibly successful in their chosen career paths.

Interview Prep and Coaching

Do you struggle with what to study before an interview?  Are you nervous prior to interviewing and worry about how you will perform under pressure?  We can help you prepare in advance for the interview, provide wardrobe consulting, and advise you on the best methods for follow-up, salary negotiations, and landing the job.